Monday, October 29, 2012

Sandy has Arrived!

Well, Sandy has arrived. The storm moved west as it got nearer to New York, so Maine is not getting the brunt of the storm. We are getting wild winds, but we're talking under 60mph compared to like 100 or something. And we have had spurts of pouring rain. School got out an hour early today as they were predicting the late afternoon as the star of high winds, and we wanted to make sure all kiddos got home safely. As of right now, I am grateful because we have electricity. They were expecting huge outages, and there are some nearby, but as of now, my neighborhood is okay. Hoping it stays that way.

At school we are finishing up the NECAPS. How frustrated do you feel when you watch the kids take a test and you know they would get it if you could just explain what they were being asked. It drives me crazy....I mean if I could as one question the kids would get what was expected. It just seems how accurate is a test that kids don't understand. I think as teachers we need to make sure our kids have the test taking skills necessary. We NEED to do some activities that resemble test questions..maybe mini math meets in the classroom and kids do an individual test and a team test. It could be made fun, but I think they need to understand the way tests work and the expectations of writing out their answers. ANd then I have the kiddos who say they're done with a 45-90 minute test in 10 minutes. Not a single answer even making sense to the question...ahhhhhh. frustration. I am not the classroom teacher and many of these kiddos I don't work with at all. And I don't do any math this year. But wow! I just wish we could better prepare them. I mean, I know it can be done. But many folks at my school think that is teaching to the test. I think it is getting kids aware and comfortable with the way questions are what do you think? I would love to get some folks to weigh in on this.

Off to find the candles, just in case.

Oh my, a tree came down two houses down...gotta go see how bad it is.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Teacher Blog Hopping

Well, it HAS been a long time since I posted. Everything has been so hectic, but we are getting back to normal at school. Only the two classrooms that were burned as well as the office of some  specialists are still closed. They are due to reopen in all their brand new glory by the end of the year 2012. Ahhhh, then I will get  MY classroom back. I gave it up for a classroom and moved into a smaller space. It is just a bit chaotic cause I just cannot find all my stuff.

SO I got a new computer from the school. A macbook air! I love it. But I am feeling weird about using it as my only computer. My home computer broke, and I am wondering if I should get another one. What do all of you do? Do you design activities and things you sell on TPT on your school laptop or personal laptop. It just seems weird to have two laptops, with things on different computers, but do I really want all my stuff on a computer owned by the school district and they can access it at any time? Big Brother is always watching! I'd love to hear from all of you as to how you keep it all together. peeve....I have spent a lot of time in last few days blog hopping. I am addicted to teacher blogs and materials teachers make. But I am frustrated that so many teacher blogs have turned into stores. I mean I went to at least three blogs this morning that ONLY talked about the item they were trying to push. I mean, I might share something about an activity I did, but not exclusively. I would rather read about their day, their lives, their students, not their sales. I guess that is the issue. I wonder if the market is getting saturated with teachers selling their materials. I will probably never be a Deanna Jump. Her work is amazing and she knocks it out so quickly. I really want to get better at it, but I just don't have enough knowledge of graphic design. I also need to know how to create my own graphics. I need to update and jazz up this website, but I am clueless as to how and I just don't feel spending money on it right now is justifiable. But then agin, if it brings in some followers, then that could be a good thing.

SOOOOO I have been on a rampage here it seems. I am really going to make sure I come in here more often and write. And I need to get my address out there so I can get some followers. ANyway..thanks for reading this. Leave me a comment! Please????