Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Hey everyone, I have spent every spare minute of the last three days "trolling" through this wonderful linky party at 4th Grade Frolics site. OH man...wish I had found this in June when we got out of school. But I am determined to make 10 things in the next two weeks before I have kids coming to me regularly. I am soooo clueless about blogging but here is my attempt to post a link to her site. No idea if it will work, but try it if you can. will that lovely boggle of letters and numbers actually translate into a button when I publish this...probably not. But I will try. cindi

Friday, August 17, 2012

A Busy Day


Why is it =I seem to mess up the typing whenever I use a laptop? My son says it is because I allow my palm to touch the mouse pad as I type, but if that is the case, then why when the silly curser jumps around to another line it also erases anything I have typed in that line! It is so dern frustrating.

I spent the morning testing some little cuties at the Intake  Center. They just arrived from Jubuti, via France, so they spoke minimal , minimal English, but they were very sweet. (Did I spell Jubuti correctly? oris it Jabuti? I have never written the word forgive me for any misspelling. I will look it up when I am done posting.

I spent the afternoon doing two projects. One was researching e-readers for a grant I need to write for the 5 e-readers I am getting this year. I actually want to have 15 so I also want to write a Donors Choose grant as well. The rest of the day I did some research on the common core and decided to do a workshop on vocab development and the common core with ELLS.  I am excited about  providing prof dev for the city. It should be something different and will only make me more accountable in my own teaching practice;. is my question to the blogging world...well first I want to ask..IS ANYBODY READING THIS???

Next question is DO you use e-readers or ipads in your classroom, and if so, what do you use and how do you use them?

I really want to use KOBO ereaders because a neat program  is attached called Reader's Life. It keeps track of pages read, minutes read, books completed, and you can earn little awards. I think my students will find it exciting.  You can also share notes and so it becomes more like a book club that goes everywhere with you. How fun is that?

So please share your ideas..I am going to try and link this to pinterest so I can see if there are more readers out there....

Talk soon,

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Summer School Continues

Today was day 12 of summer school. We have a pretty good attendance and a pretty good routine going. We do word work for an hour a day. They are all working in neat sticker books with sight words, and some are using the National Reading Vocabulary. They have to not only read the words but also know the meaning. It is soooo interesting to see the words they do not know the meanings to. Really interesting. For instance, the word barter. The child could read it perfectly but when asked the meaning he thought it was someone who cuts hair.. We are also working on number fact families and word problems. Oh my! There are some kiddos  entering 4th grade and they still count on their fingers. They do not know how to use the commutative property and some went so far as to write  9-12=3 ! WOW! So the  work we are doing this summer may seem easy and trivial but it is building foundations under some structures that are wobbling....Have a great evening...

Oh yeah, and if anyone knows how to link to pinterest pins and put them here I would love to know.


Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Hey all, summer school is going extremely well. I am really pleased. Because the children are in such varied ranges it just didn't work out for reading groups. So I am trying to get reading time in on a one on one basis or with a couple of kiddos on the same level. We are focusing on vocabulary, using the NAtional Reading Vocabulary lists. They must be able to read the word, but also know it's meaning. It has been enlightening to see the number of words I assumed they knew, but didn't.  In math we are focusing on facts, fact families, and word problems....again, another eye opener. They really struggled with the commutative property today. We had cute little tents with the number families and they had to write two addition and two subtraction facts, or two multiplication and two division facts. I really had some 4th graders writing   9-14=5/ !!! WOw, glad I decided to have a narrow focus. But we are doing it all with fun ways and they are really learning. SO I am excited. Until tomorrow,