Monday, September 10, 2012

Purging is such sweet Relief

Ahhhh, It is such a wonderful thing to purge oneself of junk. I threw away and gave away a LOT of stuff today. Posters I hadn't even looked at for two years are gone, blocks, math manipulatives, STUFF! I don't have a classroom per se, so I do not need them. I gave a lot of things to two new teachers in our building, so I feel that I did some good. This weekend I designed new covers for our union rep team. I loved the ones I saw on craftybycindy so I adapted it for our team. I also did a back with education quotes. I was pretty impressed, though next year I will make them with different designs. Here are Cindy's which can be found at
o and here is my version. Sorry, the sun was shining onto the lamination and I was using my iphone so not the best pics."
I also put together some notebooks. One for each of the ELL team members...I only got a shot of one because I already gave them out to use. ANd I also put together a teachers notebook..again pics aren't the best but they really are neat! Man, I spent a lot of time putting these together. I really want to look into taking a graphic design class. SO here they are...til tomorrow, cindi
so that was my notebook and an inside divider page. My theme this year is sunflowers, so I love some of the photos I found. this is the ELL notebook and one of the divider pages:


  1. not sure what I am doing to cause all the pictures to go to the right versus under my writing in the middle...hmmm, will have to look and see.

  2. I love purging too!