Monday, September 3, 2012


Evening everyone, In a few hours I will be returning to school for our first official day of school. Yes, we start really late in Maine, even later in Portland. Our teacher contracts start on Sept 1, so it guarantees that more often than not, we start after Labor Day. We have two days and then the kiddos come. YEAH!!! I wanted to join the MONDAY MADE IT linksy party that Tara at 4th Grade Frolics hosts.
I am new to the blogging world. SO not sure I even know how to link. But I'm gonna try! (I also would LOVE to have more than 7 people ( 6 are family I think) reading my blog! So here goes.... This year we have three new teachers. I wanted to do something very simple (read inexpensive) for them. SO I copied this great idea on Pinterest. It is from CUte as a Fox teacher',s ANyway, I thought they came out pretty cute...
Gotta go get ready....make breakfast, make lunch,. take care of clothes...etc Okay, so I also want to try and link up to Oh Boy 4th Grade's September currently...let's see if it works nope...cannot figure out how to post the link and then type into it. Maybe next time.


  1. Love your new teacher gifts....they are adorable!

    Hang in there with learning the tricks in will get it!

    Mrs. B's Nook

  2. Very cute! Have a great first day of school!

    BTW...I am your newest follower!


  3. Those are really cute! Are they M&M's on the top? Thank you for stopping by my blog and your list of things you did sounds exhausting (and I don't even know what half of them mean!). I am your newest follower!
    Fourth Grade Flipper

    1. actually they are red hots. Of course I decided to do it last minute so I bought whatever I could find at the local dollar store.

  4. Adorable! It's so nice of you to do that for the new teachers!!
    The Resource(ful) Room