Monday, December 3, 2012

catching up

Let me try this again..I have spent the evening dealing with how to upload pics from my phone, how to figure out what I did with the download button on the bottom of my dock, and how to try and put this all together. I really need to start doing this at least three times a week. So, here are the pics from Thanksgiving:

So the left is the turkey cheeseball and the right is the melon turkey with grape and cheese "feathers". Aren't these the cutest ever?

SO I have also been working on a new word search pack for TPT. I have sold a few of last year's word search sets with a winter theme so I thought I would try one on elves. I have actually had more sales in the last week then in the entire 12 months prior. (Course, I have had VERY FEW sales to begin with.) Anyway, I hate bloggers who only share the stuff they are selling, so let me make this quick:

So here is a page as an example. ALl of the pre primer, primer,
and grade 1 Dolch words are included. it is.
Check it out...
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