Thursday, May 17, 2012

I 'm back!

Hey all! Sorry I've been gone so long. My dear grandmother passed into a better world in January and things got pretty crazy for a while. Seems like things are calming down so I am going to try to stay on top of this blog. Since I've been gone I have become addicted to pinterest. I will put a link here as soon as I figure out how. I also have spent a lot of time trying new things from and crafting so I am excited to share. The school year is wrapping up. We go until June 20, so summer isn't here quite yet, but soon. I am excited to post some new things on TPT and I will be making new activities to use for summer school. Well, can't stay much longer. It is almost 1 am and the dog won't stop barking! That's his new thing, he doesn't like to be alone downstairs but he can no longer get up the stairs, so he stands at the bottom and barks half the night! Ugh!,, will write more soon! Glad to be back! <3 cindi

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  1. Hi there~ So sorry about your grandmother. Losing mine was so difficult although it wasn't a surprise.

    Staying on top of posting is tough, isn't it? It's like another job!