Thursday, January 5, 2012

another day of joy

What a great day! My dear sweet boy I see first thing took a spelling assessment today. This child who didn't know the  names of all the letters at the beginning of the year, can now spell some of the second and third grade words. And he has had two days in a row of wqrking nicely and cooperatively in the classroom. I am overjoyed. How hard I have worked with him to learn how to "do school." And the smile on his face when he realizes he is actually getting it and doing things the way others are, well, it's priceless!

On the homefront, I am glad to be home. We had a team dinner for the basketball team, which we do every Thursday, so I am glad to be home, on my computer. I am going to go read The Hunger Games. I just bought it for my ipad and I am enjoying it immensely! It is really good.

I want to post some freebies I have been creating. but not sure how to post a link to TPT. How does one do that? I welcome any assistance.

See you tomorrow.



  1. Hi! I saw your comment on my blog. Thanks so much for the kind words and becoming a follower! I wanted to head over and check out your blog and also see if I could help you with your TpT question!

    When writing a blog post, you will see up at the top tool bar (where you edit text, upload a picture, etc.) It will say link. Click there and box pops up. Here is where you type what you what the link to say, for example, "TpT" then copy and paste a link to your TpT store in the second box!

    I hope that was helpful! If you have more questions feel free to email me at!

    <a href=">Creating & Teaching</a>

  2. I saw your forum post on TpT and had to come check it out! I just joined! Just like you I was inspired to create my own blog. You can check it out at!

    I am loving being a part of the blog community!