Saturday, July 7, 2012

my computer screen

Okay, so here is a piccture of my laptop screen...the picture in left corner is tv on in the background! HAHAHA Sad, though huh? My 17 year old has a macbook pro, and I have this. Now is that fair? why does it keep posting sideways...anyway, you get the idea...I have to move the screen around constantly to see the print! Ahhhhh. til next time friends,


  1. Is your laptop screen cracked? Better have an expert check it out. The inverter or backlight may also be broken and may give out any minute, and that would be a lot more trouble than just a cracked screen. Good luck with it, and I hope it holds until you get a new one!

    @Lance Vartanian

  2. Are you using a laptop or just a PC? If it is a laptop, I agree with Lance here. The LCD inverter can cause you a lot more trouble if you don’t have it checked out. Your screen might break down, and you won’t be able to use the laptop. But if it is a PC, you still have to check the screen. The good thing is that you will only have a problem with the monitor alone, and you can still use the PC with a different monitor.

    Benita Bolland