Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Hey all, summer school is going extremely well. I am really pleased. Because the children are in such varied ranges it just didn't work out for reading groups. So I am trying to get reading time in on a one on one basis or with a couple of kiddos on the same level. We are focusing on vocabulary, using the NAtional Reading Vocabulary lists. They must be able to read the word, but also know it's meaning. It has been enlightening to see the number of words I assumed they knew, but didn't.  In math we are focusing on facts, fact families, and word problems....again, another eye opener. They really struggled with the commutative property today. We had cute little tents with the number families and they had to write two addition and two subtraction facts, or two multiplication and two division facts. I really had some 4th graders writing   9-14=5/ !!! WOw, glad I decided to have a narrow focus. But we are doing it all with fun ways and they are really learning. SO I am excited. Until tomorrow,

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