Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Hey everyone, I have spent every spare minute of the last three days "trolling" through this wonderful linky party at 4th Grade Frolics site. OH man...wish I had found this in June when we got out of school. But I am determined to make 10 things in the next two weeks before I have kids coming to me regularly. I am soooo clueless about blogging but here is my attempt to post a link to her site. No idea if it will work, but try it if you can. will that lovely boggle of letters and numbers actually translate into a button when I publish this...probably not. But I will try. cindi

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  1. OMG! it worked. Now to learn how to link up to it. Do I need a button? someone help cause i want to start participating....I am so excited that I figured this out on my own. I know, I'm a bit dense, but this old girl lives on the computer but I am completely self taught...not bad old girl, not bad.