Monday, January 2, 2012

Greetings to all.
I am soooo new to all of this. I love technology, but I'm self taught so sometimes it takes me a while to get on board. I have spent my vacation reading so many teacher blogs that are amazing. SO I decided to venture out and start one of my own. I cannot say that I will be able to keep up with everyone, but I will learn as I go.

Guess I should tell everyone a bit about me. I assume there is a profile I should post this on, but since this is my first post I will do it here. I can add it there later" (When I figure it all out!) I have been teaching since 1983, so that makes this my 29th year? WOW! I am so so blessed because I still love doing what I do. If I won the megabucks tonight I would still go to work tomorrow. Okay,, well maybe I would take tomorrow off to claim the money! But I'd keep on teaching.

I began teaching in a Catholic school in grade 3. I loved it and did that for 5 years. Then I spent a year as a Chapter 1 reading teacher, which I did not like. I missed having my own classroom. I moved to public schools and taught Grades 3/4, and 2/3/4 and then K, I wanted to try K because I adopted a baby in 1995 and I wanted to experience the younger side of things! I loved it, but it was a 1 year only position, so I then moved onto ELL Grade 1/2. I moved to a new school when the program changed and finally got to teach full day K! I taught an ELL K for 9 years. When the program was eliminated and all of my ELL Ks were put into mainstream classes I began as the ELL specialist for my building, providing services for mainstream ELLs in grades K-5. I was shocked to discover I love what I do! I missed having my own classroom that first year, but this is my third year and I am enjoying the chance to work with individuals as well as small and large groups in all different grades. I get my first grade literacy fix first thing in the morning and end with my older students doing Read 180 and SYstem 44. I am truly blessed. I am hoping to keep up with the blogging and welcome any tips and ideas. I just started posting on TPT last month and I am loving that, so I am sure I will enjoy meeting many new friends here as well.

Have a wonderful first day back tomorrow!



  1. Welcome to blogging, Cindi. I just started mine too. (Although I've had my author blog on LJ "forever" or so it seems.

    I started teaching in 1988. Not too far behind you!

    I followed you. Nice to "meet" you!

  2. thanks can I just click on your avatar and will it bring me to your blog? I am SOOOOO NEW to the whole blogging concept.

  3. Welcome!!!!!!!