Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Okay, so I am whooped! Today was my first day back. My little guy I work with one on one was absent. That was too bad.I love working with him and worry when he is away too long. I had three kiddos move since we were in school last and three more move in! UGHHHHH. Sometimes that is the hardest part of teaching ELL,  the inability to always complete the work you start with kiddos. And having to constantly start in the middle of things.

Anyway, long day at school, then two basketball games. Then home to get "yelled" at by one son for speaking to an ex girlfriend who came and sat with me at the game, and by the other for telling his girlfriend he needs to spend a bit less time with her and a bit more in the gym. (AFTER she brought up the fact that coach said he wasn't playing like a D-1 player!) Gosh...my great day ended up being a pain in the but!

On the positive side I made a great new game for one of my students and my principal caught me coloring and laminating after schooland commented that I was just "way too creative." Sometimes making materials gives me such peace of mind.

So here's to a great day tomorrow. Happy first day back for some of you! And happy creating , whether it's materials, shining teachable moments, or just a moment of peace....create away!

Much love,

Cindi   (wish I could adda cursive fint to this blog!

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