Friday, August 17, 2012

A Busy Day


Why is it =I seem to mess up the typing whenever I use a laptop? My son says it is because I allow my palm to touch the mouse pad as I type, but if that is the case, then why when the silly curser jumps around to another line it also erases anything I have typed in that line! It is so dern frustrating.

I spent the morning testing some little cuties at the Intake  Center. They just arrived from Jubuti, via France, so they spoke minimal , minimal English, but they were very sweet. (Did I spell Jubuti correctly? oris it Jabuti? I have never written the word forgive me for any misspelling. I will look it up when I am done posting.

I spent the afternoon doing two projects. One was researching e-readers for a grant I need to write for the 5 e-readers I am getting this year. I actually want to have 15 so I also want to write a Donors Choose grant as well. The rest of the day I did some research on the common core and decided to do a workshop on vocab development and the common core with ELLS.  I am excited about  providing prof dev for the city. It should be something different and will only make me more accountable in my own teaching practice;. is my question to the blogging world...well first I want to ask..IS ANYBODY READING THIS???

Next question is DO you use e-readers or ipads in your classroom, and if so, what do you use and how do you use them?

I really want to use KOBO ereaders because a neat program  is attached called Reader's Life. It keeps track of pages read, minutes read, books completed, and you can earn little awards. I think my students will find it exciting.  You can also share notes and so it becomes more like a book club that goes everywhere with you. How fun is that?

So please share your ideas..I am going to try and link this to pinterest so I can see if there are more readers out there....

Talk soon,

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