Thursday, August 2, 2012

Summer School Continues

Today was day 12 of summer school. We have a pretty good attendance and a pretty good routine going. We do word work for an hour a day. They are all working in neat sticker books with sight words, and some are using the National Reading Vocabulary. They have to not only read the words but also know the meaning. It is soooo interesting to see the words they do not know the meanings to. Really interesting. For instance, the word barter. The child could read it perfectly but when asked the meaning he thought it was someone who cuts hair.. We are also working on number fact families and word problems. Oh my! There are some kiddos  entering 4th grade and they still count on their fingers. They do not know how to use the commutative property and some went so far as to write  9-12=3 ! WOW! So the  work we are doing this summer may seem easy and trivial but it is building foundations under some structures that are wobbling....Have a great evening...

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