Monday, July 8, 2013


So, I don't know if I can link up to Monday Made it or not, but I am going to try.


.I made this a while ago, but will be making more for each of my tables. These are pencils wrapped with scrapbook paper and  silk flowers hot glued on top. I got this off pinterest. (Sorry, still learning how to do all the links, so not going to attempt this one.)  I am going to do a room theme this year. I have a resource room, but I really want to have a little more flair this year. I am going to be doing a fairy/ fairy house theme along with sunflowers. I have a lot of ideas in my head, so I will share each week. Anyway, here are my lovely pencils. I need to get some fake grass or moss or something, right now, just have torn paper in there.


 I spent the afternoon working on a paper bag book for TPT. I really need some help doing graphics, but I am getting there. I am going to post the beginnings of it. I wanted to create a way for my littles to have more practice with word families and sight words, that they could use at home. I have been sending home games and flash cards in plastic baggies in their book bags, but I wanted something that kept things together more. The use of paper bag books that would hold a variety of activities in a small book sounded appealing. I am excited to try it out next week with my summer school babies.

SOOOOOO..TAH DAH...Here are some pics....let's see if I can center them correctly.

          So here is the cover of the book. I have made all of the templates and cards and am in the process of putting it all together. Hope to have it on my TPT store by end of the week. Would love any input.
So here is the first page. I have actually changed it already so that the first square has a picture of a baseball bat, so the children have something to begin to rhyme with.

I added 8 flashcards. Only 5 of them are /at/ words to fit into the squares.

So the great thing about paper bag books is that you can put the cards into the "pockets." This keeps all of the pieces together.

Next page is building the words. The at word is attached to the book page and then the children place the letters in to build some words. I made sure that the letters were all the way to the right so that there is no space when building the word.

So I am going to add more to this. I want to add a word search that is laminated and then glued in and also a printing page that is laminated. The children can then use a grease pencil or dry erase marker to use the words over and over. I am also going to add some spaces for them to be able to draw some pictures of at words and probably a couple of sentence frames to be able to add pictures/words, such as I see a ________.  I like _______.

And then I will add a memory game or maybe even a little fold out game board they can use at home. 

I am excited about this and want to see how they work out. If they do, then I will do other sets as well.

So, leave me a comment please and tell me what you think. And check out my TPT store. I am going to try and make a button for that right now.

Much love for a great week,



  1. Ahha! Covering the pencils with scrapbook paper- what a great idea! I have been playing around with this thought myself- I'm doing up a "foresty" sort of theme this year. And what a great paper bag book! I am going to pin this onto my book making board.

    The Meek Moose
    The Meek Moose on TpT

  2. Love the paper bag book!!! Your pictures look great but I noticed you said that you needed help doing the graphics. I have begun buying all my graphics. It's so much easier and that way I can just focus on creating!

    First Grade Circus