Tuesday, July 9, 2013

so sad to be such a small fish

Well, I am feeling a little sad today. It seems that by linking up with the Monday Mde it crew I had quite a few folks stop by my blog and read it. But NO COMMENTS! I feel like the kid on the playground with no friends. I am determined to get some followers and become a part of this educator blog community. I guess I am just not used to being ignored (wink wink). But seriously, I just would love to have input on things so if you are reading this please please comment.

Okay...so now here are some questions I have for all you bloggin' experts who are going to stop by and write to me...

1. How do you get different fonts on your blog? I cannot STAND these traditional fonts....

2. How did you get followers in the blogging world?

3. How do you get people to help you celebrate and contribute to your giveaways for reaching certain numbers?

I know this space is a lOT on the boring side. I am getting in touch with Melonheadz to get a better blog design so hopefully by the end of the summer and before school starts I will have a more inviting page.

Okay, so there is my whine of the week...Hey maybe there's a great link up.....the Whine of The Week...the Wednesday Whine....one whine allowed and then move on...HAHA

Have a wonderful day


  1. My tips

    Get a custom blog design.

    Google how to add cool fonts

    Use large fonts and tons of pictures

    Do giveaways to increase followers

    Good Luck and Welcome

    1. Thanks, Miss Nelson! I will be workingon this this weekend. ANd the dear heart at the Meek Moose has offered to help. I am hoping to get a custom blog design started next week. We just started summer school this week, a Science Academy, and it has been HORT HOT HOT, so I have not blogged at all.

  2. Hey Cindi! I meant to get back with you the other week- and then- pllllpth- my ridiculous life. But- hey, hey, hey! Ok, so I keep a pinterest board on blogger tutorials that I have used to work on my blog- which seriously needs some work- but hmmmm, just another thing on the to do list. Check out this board for some ideas: Tutorial Board

    Personally, I started out reading over the tutorials on Blog Baby Blog done by I teach. What's Your Superpower? But I have uncovered tons more since then- and Mrs. Fultz has put out, I think ten? video tutorials of blogging yourself up. I like the video tutorials because I can SEE what to do :) Helllooooo visual learner.

    I haven't bought a custom blog design at this point. I've been figuring out how to make my own. But that route is not for everyone.

    As for followers- the one and only way I got followers BEFORE I started selling on TPT and joined giveaways- was that I participated in Linkys. Monday Made It has been my most successful recurring linky I've participated in. The other post that topped that one in getting views and therefore followers was a picture book linky that I believe The Teacher Wife put on a year ago. When it comes to linkys though- only participate in the ones that mean something to you- you don't want to water down your writing by just trying to "get at people". But, with that being said, linkys that are hosted by people with tons of followers to begin with, generate the most traffic toward your site. However, I will not shy away from a linky from folks with lower level followers if I really like the topic. Fun is fun, and you want to have material to blog about.

    SINCE I started selling on TpT though, going to the forum and looking at the collaboration board is a place to find folks who are hosting a giveaway. I have thus far signed up for maybe ten? All I have to do is provide a prize. The host does all of the work and my blog gets promoted by people having to follow my blog and my store as part of the contest. Just keep in mind that this type of following primarily just rises your number count- but does not necessarily produce a relationship. Those sorts of connections are only made by commenting, and asking questions and maintaining a back and forth. Changing your settings so you're not a no reply blogger is a great way to start, so that people can email you directly- and not write rambling train wreck comments like me right here- but I thought maybe you wouldn't mind, since you've read my blog and realize I am FULL of words.

    Oh, and you can also post on that forum board that you are looking for folks to contribute to a giveaway. Most folks have a google form they make for people to fill out- and I *think* my Pinterest board has one of those tutorials on it. If it's not on that first link, it's going to be on this one: Technology

    And, ummm, oh, fonts- I think I got mine on the template page when I selected a specialized background- but it's been so long ago, now I can't remember. I will go try to find a tutorial and put it on my board for you.

    Have I commented, precious?
    Thanks for visiting my blog- thanks for commenting and make a connection with me. Don't worry about being a small fish- just love the pond you're in! And if you want to email me for other technical questions- I can try to help or find you something that will just shoot me a line!


    The Meek Moose
    The Meek Moose on TpT

    1. Heather, thank you, thank you, thank you. I appreciate all of your comments. I will be in touch soon and I;m going to spend some time in the next few days checking out your pinterest infos.

  3. Commenting on other blogs and linky parties seem to be great ways to find followers. Probably pinning pictures from blog to pinterest gets people to visit your blog. Barb Leyne...Ruby Slippers Blog Design does amazing blog design and usually blogs about doing a new blog...so that way traffic comes your way. I google all kinds of things to find tutorials on how to do blog things.

    Here is my tip....I started out blogging because everyone had really great ideas and I wanted to share and contribute mine. Followers and comments made me ecstatic as well. Then after about a year I realized the power my blog had become as a journal/reflective piece to my teaching and while I still LOVE comments and followers, I LOVE the way my blog tracks my journey as a teacher even more.

    Chickadee Jubilee

  4. Hey Cindi!!! Boy do I know how you feel! I'm a small fish too!! I have found that I get followers by joining linkies and leaving my blog link in my signature on other pages. However, that does NOT help the comments at all. I don't get many....hardly any......ever at all.....(insert sad face). Going check out your Monday made it!

    First Grade Circus

  5. One other way to get more followers is to join bloglovin with your blog. I love to go through my bloglovin list each night to read all the posts that were made throughout the day.

    First Grade Circus

  6. Hi! I'm new to blogging too... so I can empathize with you! I found neat blog designs at shabbyblogs.com. They are completely free and you can see what mine looks like (If I knew how to insert link, I would..but I am still learning). My blog is http://fifthgraderamblings.blogspot.com. It's just an idea, and I loved that it was FREE because 1) I don't know who to contact about blog design and 2) I'm cheap!

    Welcome to this wild online world!

    Fifth Grade Ramblings